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Who We Are

PEAI (Polygraph Examiners Association International) is a self-regulated, Non-profit Organization established in January 2019 to create a community of polygraph examiners with high standards of practice. PEAI places ethics above all else.

PEAI aims to create a community of like-minded individuals. It strives for the development and betterment of members through processes like formal training, providing content for self development and creating opportunity for the exchanging of ideas and learning. It also aims to ensure positive Customer experience through adherence to International standards of practice, member integrity and transparency.

The organization hopes to grow momentum in the industry and together with partnered institutions initiate a qualification framework specifically aligned with the African context of polygraph examinations.

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What PEAI stands for

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    Polygraph Best Practices

    Polygraphy is continually evolving through constant research and study. At PEAI, we take pride in ensuring that our members are exposed and alerted to the latest developments in our profession. This should allow for consistent testing results as the use of up to date techniques, scoring methodologies and interview and questioning protocols being applied across the membership base.

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    Constant development is a priority at PEAI, and for that reason it has very close ties with reputable polygraph training institutions, both locally and internationally. Member CPD progress is tracked and recorded, again ensuring that our members are informed, educated and prepared at all times.

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    Verified Members

    All members are audited annually to ensure standards are maintained.

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    Members of PEAI have the luxury of a pool of polygraph examiners active in the marketplace upon whom they can call for brainstorming with like-minded professionals and draw from vast levels of experience. PEAI is also fully supported by a leading Training Provider in the industry. This should instill confidence in the minds of existing and potential customers that our members are equipped with the best skillset and toolkit to deliver a world class service.

Meet Our Board Members

The team that makes it all happen.

Anton Du Plessis


071 676 0280

Werner Barnard

Vice President

084 909 6125

Veronique Doubell

Training, Development, Communication & PR

076 475 8278

Mark De Koker

Admin & Membership & Finance

079 899 6915

Jason van Rhyn

Policy, Legislation, Ethics & Standards

071 267 7789

Polygraph Standards

These are the standards that every polygraph examiner of PEAI adheres to:
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    Equipment Minimums

    A valid polygraph requires that the polygraph examiner conducts the examination with the following, functioning, equipment: A seat Sensor, A set of pneumographs, A cardio-cuff, E.D.A’s (Electrodermal activity sensors), Proceedings should be video – and audio recorded.

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    Examination Maximums

    PEAI members should adhere to the following rules in terms of the maximum number of tests conducted in a 24-hour period: Maximum number of tests = 7, Advisable number of tests = 5.

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    Testing Venue Guidelines

    Suitable lighting and ventilation, a sturdy table, 2 solid chairs, one of which should preferably not have seat padding.

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    Examination Requirements

    Written consent from the Examinee A STIM (Stimulation) test must be completed A valid polygraph technique and scoring techniques to be applied Technique depending, a minimum number of 3 and a maximum number of 5 charts have to be run in order to gather sufficient data for analysis.

What Members say about PEAI

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